Friday, September 18, 2009

Strange Little Things

Who are these strange little creatures, and where did they come from?

Standing roughly half an inch tall, these tiny visitors have been touring my desk all day taking strolls through the miniature garden, consulting with the mystical Jade Dragon, and his more earthy friend, the Clay Dragon... running from dinosaurs and fighting epic battles with mice who are armed to the teeth.

They've been in the mouth of a monster, riding the catbus, scrambling for cover from a witch on her broomstick, observing ancient Egyptian artifacts, playing with some pets, petting some birds, smiling with a Sabertooth, scaling a skyscraper, inspecting a butt freckle, letting a sleeping ghost dog lie, riding a mechanical chicken with the help of a gnome, meeting an insane Pinky, casting some spells with Potter and his friends and watching some Supernatural.

Oh yes... they've been busy.


  1. Thank you winner of pif ! MY english is bad but the winner is so sweet ! I send you your gift soon ! Huge