Thursday, September 10, 2009

HELP! Artistic Advice Needed!

Alrighty, I'm making these buttons of bear faces... but I can't find a good material to make the ears out of!

The actual button is wooden, with paper and gloss... as you can see below... I tried foam, and I think it's uglier'n'sin. Well... ok, maybe not that ugly, but certainly not as cute as I've been envisioning!

Maybe the foam coated in a nicer scrapbooking paper? Sculpey? Any suggestions?

I'll work on it more tonight... the sculpey might be promising... but GAH! Poor guy has such ugly little ears!!!


  1. Hi Heather, Just a thought - maybe not what you are looking for but what about those unfinished wooden bits you can get at the craft store - like a small oval or an egg shape you could cut in half? Cute idea! Good luck finding ear material!

  2. The base actually is one of those unfinished wood bits to start with, so that's not a stretch at all!

    I'll have to go check out that section again... as if the people at the store don't already think I'm strange... I stand in front of those little baggies of unfinished wood pieces all the time, trying to 'reimagine' what the shapes could be!!!

  3. Or how about using printable shrink plastic - less effort ;-)