Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Acorn Holiday Pins

Well, here is my latest craft creation...

Tiny little sculptures in discarded acorn tops. I've always thought acorn tops were REALLY cute... and I've always wanted to use them in some fashion or another... so I've finally found a way!

The Pumpkin & Grave combo:

My Graveyard Scene... aka, 'Heather would like to think of new ways to torture herself':

The Single Pumpkin... I figure this one could be Halloween or just Autumn in general:

Look Ma! It's an Acorn... IN an Acorn! (aka, Heather = dumb):

Mr. Jack O. Lantern:

Totoro... in an Acorn! If you've ever seen My Neighbor Totoro, you know this is appropriate... if you haven't seen My Neighbor Totoro... WATCH IT! It's disgustingly adorable!

It's a Squirrel in an Acorn, hah! (really I just wanted to make a cute little furry animal):

So, anyhow, that is my most current craft.
Bears or bear type creatures are still in the works, along with a doll... more than anything though I have to finish my non-bear... he's holding up the works!


  1. great ideas!!!! The squirrel is my favourite!

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute! My favorite is the acorn in the acorn top and my second favorite is the squirrel one. I, too, have amassed some acorn tops. Couldn't think what to do with them either. I'm glad someone out there sorted it out!

  3. Thanks guys... these are actually really fun and soothing to make!

  4. aww these are so cute, what a really nice idea to use acorns like that!
    i love the squirrel one best :)

    hello, hope you dont mind me following your blog :)

    sarah x

  5. Heather--how cute! I LOVE the little squirrel one!