Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New little bears underway!

I've drawn up 3 new patterns, inspired by some little tins I found :)

I am always so excited to sew up a new pattern. I'm not yet to the point where I know exactly how it will turn out, I just have this very rough idea... of course, sometimes it backfires, and while the pattern is sound, the material dictates a different direction (see endless moaning about mystery bear project).

I've sewn up the head and ears of this latest one though, and I'm pretty sure it's happy being a bear. I think I might try give this one little claws! It'll probably be a disaster, but oh well, hopefully it will be a fun one!

I don't think I'm to the skill level of mohair yet, but Joann's just got in a TON of lovely fur fabric! It's inspiring!!!

Time to go buy more cotter pins!


  1. You'd be suprised Heather about Mohair, if you go for a short sparse, it's fairly cheap - and it is so much easier to work with.
    I went backwards from mohair to synthetics - ick, really don't like handling them - so akward!
    Maybe pick up a bit second hand and give it a go - I often buy other people's random clear outs and it works out pretty cheap.

  2. Congratulations Heather! :O)
    You won my September "Fig Tree: Sugar Pie Pattern" Give-Away! Can you please contact me so I can request your snail mail and get your prize off to you?

  3. @Emo Bears: Hmm... I've never really looked into buying people's extras! I'll have to check out ebay and the likes. At Cheryl's suggestion I've used fray-check on this latest bear and it is working great! With any luck I'll have someone new to show off tomorrow!
    I had no idea Mohair was so much easier though... so I'll definitely have to get some!
    Why have you gone from mohair to synthetic?

    @AwtemNymf: WOW! Thank you so much! I'll email right away!!!