Thursday, September 24, 2009


How do you get over wanting to keep all the little bears you make?


Also, along the lines of selling... As a beginning artist, who, currently, is only working with synthetic materials... what is a good rule for pricing? I've seen the figure of $10 an inch (for beginners) thrown around... but I suspect that's directed more at Mohair users... yeah?


  1. The best way I can think of, is to cost up your materials for the bear (remember high quality synthetic isn't always cheap!) and work out how many hours of work you spent on it, and work from there.
    Give yourself an hourly rate for your time.
    I keep mine low, because the important thing is to get the bears out there - and at this point, my skill level isn't as high as a 'professional' bear artist - buit you have to make it worth the amount of time it takes.
    A friend of mine sells pet products online and warned me. She had a product, she priced it competitively with similar products (to get the sales in).
    When she sat down with her business advisor, it turns out she was making pennies from them.She worked hard for very little money; when she reviewed the prices and put them up; people still bought because the difference is quality was quite noticable.
    Don't underestimate the price od work just because you are 'only' working with synthetics. x
    All the best,
    Julia x

  2. I always wondered if there was some sort of taboo or not, in the bear world, about working with synthetic fabrics... I mean, in the end, a cute bear is a cute bear... but I wondered if fake furs were poo-poo'd upon.

    It's good to see quite a few people working with synthetic furs. I'm currently working with it out of convenience of both cost and finding, since I am still a beginner... but I do really like certain aspects of it!

    Thanks for all the advice Julia!!!