Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Moon and the Stars

Here are two little drawings I did, some time ago... there was supposed to be a third girl, but for whatever reason, she never got drawn.

They aren't that great, but I love drawing in ballpoint pen... and I love diptychs and triptychs... and in general, just things in multiple.

I'm not really sure why the The Stars looks so worried, is she worried that the other girl will fall asleep and drop the moon? Does she wish SHE was wearing comfy pajamas? I don't know... but The Moon seems perfectly at peace and ready for bed... as if she's about to tuck the Moon somewhere safe for the night, or let it loose to frolic in the darkened sky.

And in the theme of sad ladies... here is a pencil sketch I did of a ghost. I always figured she was a faerie illusion, waiting to lure people from their path... and then watch sadly as they wandered, lost. (Ok, usually if fae are involved, the fate of the person is much worse, eek!) I always figured she didn't much like her fate though... and tried to warn people with her mournful expression, that she was someone they should not follow.

And here is yet another giveaway, this time a fellow Michigander!


  1. beautiful drawings :) i like drawing with ball point too, the coloured pens have such acidic effect to them.

  2. What gorgeous drawings, I love that style. It reminds me of a book I had as a child.