Monday, September 21, 2009

Driving and Wizards and Walking, oh my!

This last weekend I went to Chicago with two friends to see the Harry Potter Exhibition. (unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside)

We left Michigan at 7 am to make sure we got there bright and early... and with the time change, we got to Chicago at 10:30 their time (it's about a 4 1/2 hour drive). We went straight to the Museum of Science and Industry, where the exhibition was being held, and got in line to buy our tickets... thinking we'd go see the Potter stuff, then kick around Chicago for a few hours, then be home by 10pm or so.

Oh no.

The Harry Potter Exhibition was sold out until 8:30 pm, Chicago time... 10 hours from when we bought our tickets!

We were determined to see it though... so we checked out the museum for a while (since it closed at 4) and then hopped a bus to the Magnificent Mile for 5 1/2 straight hours of shopping and walking. I am SO sore!

I got the most delicious drinking chocolate from Ghiradelli, and was in awe of the American Girl Store... where they now have a cafe where you can get cute treats that are sized both for little girls... and little dolls!

We didn't get back to Michigan until about 3:30 am, but I have to say, the Potter Exhibition was so very worth it. Seeing all of the costumes alone would have made it worth it!

So if it's touring near you... I have to say... go!

Oh, there is also this lovely Fairy Castle in the museum, that is absolutely amazing!


  1. Oh, wow! What a grand day! We've always enjoyed the fairy dollhouse castle at the Museum of Science and Technology. And the Harry Potter exhibit must have been fun! We still talk about the time when we saw the Titantic exhibit there. I wish we still lived close enough to visit the museum.

  2. Yeah, it's absolutely amazing! If the Harry Potter Exhibition comes anywhere near you, definitely go, just to look at the sewing and detail on the costumes, if for nothing else! I really love living a decent driving distance from such a big city!

  3. Lovely, the little gift for my PYF is ready, mail me your home adress so I can go to send it!

  4. I would love to see both the Harry Potter exhibition and the dollhouse! What a fun day you must have had, and worth the soreness!

  5. Oh Blimey!! LOL!! I am SOOOO jealous, I would love to see a Harry Potter exhibition! Lucky, lucky you!! :0)

  6. wow I bet your feet were aching after all that, but sooo worth it I'm sure! Hugs, Catherine x

  7. It was so worth it, and hopefully they'll keep touring them (there have got to be at least two separate ones, because I've seen different pictures of the things in them on the website... ) things that were big and hairy and that I certainly didn't see!

    My favorite part is that they displayed Hagrid's costume in actual 'Hagrid' size, aka, HUGE... and claimed it was the actual costume worn by the actor... which I appreciated, because while I knew he didn't wear it, the kids didn't, it kept the wonder of it all alive!

  8. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

    I loved reading Harry Potter and watching the movies.