Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nerd Kitty

Well, my roommate just got another black cat... and he's a total NERD.

Only 12 weeks old and he's already got a World of Warcraft subscription!

I'm not sure if he wants me to watch... or go away.

He likes to type too, he's especially fond of the 'esc' key... much to my chagrin. He's cute as a button, of course, all kittens are... but beyond that I'm not sure how I feel about him. He seems to be one of those 'I'm gonna meow at everything, even when I don't want anything' kind of cats... which, if he keeps doing this, will quickly drive me nuts. Right now he's lucky he's so cute (not that this picture makes that immediately apparent).

I have two cats of my own:

William the Bloody

The Salacious Crumb

William the Bloody (Will for short) is quite the character. There is a long list of people who plan on stealing him away from me so they can have him for their own. He is fond of stuffed animals, and will line them up around the house in perfect (no, really, PERFECT) lines, like little stuffed animal parades. He often lines them up across doorways... and I wonder if they're his personal guards. He has a stuffed Chihuahua that he stole when he was a kitten, who is his best friend. He sets it in the window so it can look out, he sets it by the food dish so it can eat, and he puts it all snuggly in bed otherwise (or sometimes propped up looking at the TV).
If you aren't petting him, and he wants to be pet, he comes up, looks at you (deep, meaningful look), reaches his own paw up and pets his head, then gives you another deep, meaningful look that clearly says "If you don't understand what I want, then humans ARE inferior"... and these are just a few of his many strange, endearing quirks.
Will LOVES the kitten, and he and the kitten spend hours chasing each other around.

The Salacious Crumb (Crumb for short, unless he's at the vet, where they insist on calling him The Salacious Crumb, because they love the name) is possibly actually half cat, half bunny. His fur is soft and fluffy and feels like bunny fur... and it forms itself into little dust bunnies and then drops off of him, usually in large groups, in what I'm sure, is an attempt at world domination. I had never had dust bunnies before this cat. If you look directly at him and ask, "What?!" he'll meow, and he knows he's cute and fluffy, and likes to stay juuuuuust out of reach of new people who are itching to pet him. He's the PERFECT cuddle kitty, he'll come and curl up either next to you or in your lap for hours, and remain perfectly still while doing it (none of the constant twitching and flipping and readjusting) He likes to stand between the shower curtain and the shower liner when I take a shower, and bat at the drops hitting the liner. He's not quite the character, personality wise, that Will is, but he's like a good teddy bear, always around for a snuggle.
Crumb HATES the kitten. I think he feels it's encroaching on his 'cat thing', which is being the cutest cat in the house. It's hard to compete with kittendom. I've told Crumb not to worry... that the new kitten will, all too soon, stop being a kitten, and just be another black cat... and he will still be the fluffy, adorable, Salacious Crumb... but at the moment that doesn't comfort him, and he spends his time laying next to me and glaring at the little kitten out of the corner of his eye.

(I apologize for the unmade bed and cluttery desk, and for the long post about cats... I try to refrain!)


  1. eee such a cute post! what lovely kittys <3 mine is a very meowy cat too though she normally has a reason.
    my cat pats me! she will slowly pat/stroke my face, its so cute :)

  2. Thanks for bringing a smile on my face and for even make me laugh while reading the story of your cat Will playing with his plush toys.
    You really made my day with your cat stories.
    I do hope you will tell us more about your cats and will post more photos.

    Lots of hugs,

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'm glad my strange little cats could make someone's day brighter! I'm sure my cats will sneak into another post or two... they're tricky like that!

    I love hearing about the cute/strange things other people's pets do. I always find it amazing how quirky these little guys can be!