Friday, January 29, 2010

One more thing...

I also finished a horse!

Little Mouse!

Ok... I have made... a mini mouse! HAHA! This is a smaller version of my large mouse... because I just felt he needed to be smaller... so while the old one stands 12 inches tall, this one stands 6 inches tall.

He stands on his own and is poseable... and now I feel I need an army of them! XD

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fruits of the Weekend

Once again, I had a fairly productive weekend. I had some swap stuff to get done (although I never got a picture of the mice :( ) and then I made a pin as well :)

First up is going to be a pair of mice I got in the Mouse Swap from the very talented Vivian!


Next is the swap piece I made for Skunkboy's swap:

The girl I got liked more vintage things, so I made them from the wool sweaters, and she also said she liked birds and dogs... so... a white dog with a rainbow bird!

Closeup of the bird:

Dog by itself (the dog also has a wool felted flower pendant and the red ribbon around its neck is removeable):

Next is the pin I made, called Love Bug (go figure):

Finally, something a little random... I collect dolls... not avidly, I don't have a million of them... but I have a few. When I was a child, dolls creeped me out... generally I still don't like them much, but something about a few brands out now don't creep me out at all. In fact, I think they're beautiful. One such doll is the Volks YoSD Chinatsu. For a while, I had quite a lot of Volks YoSDs, but I always loved the Chinatsu best, so much so that I actually have 2 of them... here is a picture of one of them. Maybe you can see why I like her, maybe you can't... I have no problem with people who don't like dolls! But I love taking pictures of them:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glee Scrabble Tile Charms and a picture for Barbara

Ok... I LOVE Scrabble Tile Charms... they are fun to make and let's face it, I just love covering stuff in gloss. :)

And Barbara, here's a picture of one of my Pullips sporting a current Barbie outfit that is out in the US... do you guys have this one there, it's part of a 3 pack witht owls in it! (I will take a pic of the other two pieces tomorrow!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You, Tubby Teddies!

I've been struggling with making myself a small bear pattern... so I figured I must be doing something wrong.

So I ordered a tiny bear pattern from Catherine Gabriel of Tubby Teddies and made the 2 inch 'Baby Bear'... so this little red bear comes from that pattern!

I can't believe I made something so small... and now I'm going to need to figure out my own pattern!!! AAAAAAAAH!

I can haz coffeez?

Pardon my fingernail with the crazy nailpolish, but it's there for size reference :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

A few things done over the weekend

I got a few things sewn over the weekend, one of which I'll show tomorrow since I wanted it to have it's own post since I used someone else's pattern and wanted to credit them :)

First up is a very pink bear I made named... uhm... well, he doesn't have a name:

Next is a Spool Bot, named Cupcake ;) :

Then there is a Ferret named Finnius:

Finally there is a white bat... named... SHAKAKA! (to be said loudly with exclamation on end):

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rainbow Mouse is Angry...

He's like a grumpy old man!

He'll be getting a vest, maybe some glasses to perch on his long nose, etc... but I thought I'd share these pics (I love that these mice stand on their own and are fairly poseable!):

So Grumpy! Sheesh...

These next two just show how his tail is poseable:

He just wants it all to go away. He's very bitter.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Ok, I entered a swap where you trade stuffed mice... the only real stipulation is that they must also be wearing an article of clothing.

So... I made a pattern... and here is the first mouse... the 'proto-mouse' if you will.

He stands about a foot tall and has button jointed arms and legs. He's CUTE... but like I said... 'proto-mouse'

There are a few changes I want to make... I think this pattern can be modified to make an awesome ferret though, so I'm going to do that too! Keep an eye out.

(I just didn't want my partner to think I was slacking!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Things to do!

So... yesterday or the day before I promised images of a before and after doll repaint.

Well... I have them, but due to the fact that I was mysteriously missing half of my painting supplies... the faceup was not the soft browns I had anticipated. *sigh*



I think it's fine if you liked her more before... because I like those colors better... that was what I wanted to keep, but give her girlier eyebrows and such... oh well, I'll paint her again!

Also, here are a few more pics in my "Crazy Desk" series, as well as a pic of what it looks like out the window!

Well... aren't they suspicious?

I did not draw these girls, if you're interested in seeing more of the work of the amazing artist who did, go to:

This is a card tree... one of the most stopped and stared at items on my desk!