Monday, January 18, 2010

A few things done over the weekend

I got a few things sewn over the weekend, one of which I'll show tomorrow since I wanted it to have it's own post since I used someone else's pattern and wanted to credit them :)

First up is a very pink bear I made named... uhm... well, he doesn't have a name:

Next is a Spool Bot, named Cupcake ;) :

Then there is a Ferret named Finnius:

Finally there is a white bat... named... SHAKAKA! (to be said loudly with exclamation on end):


  1. I love the pinkk fuzzy bear!!! You can named it Confetti !!
    And the albino bat is a great idea!

  2. Hi Heather. Wow, your little friends are adorable. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog. In answer to your question... Corgi temperaments are great. Jasmine is not a dainty little girl. There is a lot of dog attached to those little legs. Corgi will definitely try to herd anything that moves, so if you have kids they will find a corgi at there feet a lot. Some of them can be very vocal. Jasmine is a great watchdog because she hears everything. Unfortunately that includes barking at knocks and doorbells etc... even from the TV. They are very affectionate and love to snuggle. Belly rubs are a must. Oh, and be careful not to overfeed them. They gain weight very easily. If you get one I recommend getting it young and do lots of socialization or they can be a little nippy if strange dogs get in there face. All in all she has been a complete joy!! Hope that answers your question.

  3. Heather - You have been one busy bee!!!! Put me to shame you do! What a variety of creations. I can't pick a favorite, but I will say I am intrigued by the bat and whoa! - look at that bear - must have taken you ages - oh right. That's me. You just whipped that little thing up over the weekend. Just kidding. It looks really good, too. Lots of work in that one. Your work will be amazing in mohair. Have fun.


  4. Heather, I love Mr Percival Pink ... that's who he looks like to me anyway (bet your not surprise that I love him...he's PINK). Your ferret turned out well and I love the bat, very clever indeed.
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. My word you have been busy, I love pink....
    You could say BATS ABOUT PINK !

    x x x

  6. Amazing! I so wish I could do this. LOVE the bat:)