Monday, January 4, 2010

Heed, Down... NOW!

(hah, name that movie quote!)

So, three things today!

First, something I made... then what I made it for, then a brief tour of my desk :)

Ok, I made this stupidly tiny dog (1 and 3/4 inches). It's really cute and I want to make more!:

Second... Pullip Dolls!!!! I have 6 now... oh my, but I find them to be just so cute! They are a foot tall and fit into barbie clothes... they remind me of chibi-style drawings from Japan.

Here is one of them holding the puppy I made:
Here are two of the more super frilly ones...

This is a character from an anime that is suppose to have bright red hair, but I took her hair off and gave her new hair... because frankly, her old hair sucked.

She's a pirate!

Finally my desk!
My desk is filled with toys and curiosities...

Because that's how Sue... "C"s it.

It's a place where dinosaurs still roam the earth... right next to World of Warcraft characters...

A place where no pencil is safe.

That's all you get of my desk for now, because this post is already an image overload!
But hopefully I'll have more things *I've* made to show off soon :)

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  1. Great shots! I love Pullip!!!! And the T-rex with the pencil is.. Uhaahahahahah!!...