Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glee Scrabble Tile Charms and a picture for Barbara

Ok... I LOVE Scrabble Tile Charms... they are fun to make and let's face it, I just love covering stuff in gloss. :)

And Barbara, here's a picture of one of my Pullips sporting a current Barbie outfit that is out in the US... do you guys have this one there, it's part of a 3 pack witht owls in it! (I will take a pic of the other two pieces tomorrow!)


  1. Wow!!!! All today I use my time for search a great Barbie outfit!!! Nothing... :(
    Tomorrow I will try again!!
    Thank you for the etsy links I have brought a boots and socks... ^_^ ^_^
    Hugs dear friend!!

  2. Hi Heather, just checking in.. I mailed your mice out well over a week ago and hope youve recieved them by now. Im always afraid somethign will get lost in the mail. anyways, let me know. I hope you like them!

  3. Hey Vivian!

    I am losing it... I thought I made a blog post about them, but evidentally I just edited the photos and thought about it. Very lame on my part!
    That will be what I do Monday :)
    Your mice went out today, so you should have them soon :)
    If you could take a picture of them I'd be really grateful, since I didn't get around to it before I sent them out!

    If not though, that's cool :)