Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You, Tubby Teddies!

I've been struggling with making myself a small bear pattern... so I figured I must be doing something wrong.

So I ordered a tiny bear pattern from Catherine Gabriel of Tubby Teddies and made the 2 inch 'Baby Bear'... so this little red bear comes from that pattern!

I can't believe I made something so small... and now I'm going to need to figure out my own pattern!!! AAAAAAAAH!

I can haz coffeez?

Pardon my fingernail with the crazy nailpolish, but it's there for size reference :)


  1. I can't believe you made something so small either! :) Great job.

  2. Great work Heather! I started making very small bears, thinking it would at least take less time sewing - and it does; but what a nightmare they are to deal with!!

    I steer well clear...

  3. He's WONDERFUL! I think you did a great job and I love the colours. I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern :)

  4. What a nice job. Ever so much better than the ones I made when I first tried my hand at making a miniature/small teddy. Looks like you got bit by the bug!


  5. Dear I love your Bear, can you sell me the pdf patter? Please I want try to make one!!!
    Ah were you buy the fake-furr?
    In taly I don't found it!!!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Barbara: I can't sell you this pattern, because I myself bought it from Catherine :) BUT! I can link you to where I bought it from!!


    Of course, this is a pattern where you aren't allowed to sell what you make afterwards... but in terms of learning how to go about making such a tiny bear, it is priceless in value!

    For fur, I actually used Velvet!

  7. Ok thank you Heather!
    I will making a my own pattern and I use this link for learn!

  8. Uh oh.... now you'll be totally hooked on the little guys.... welcome to the club.... hahahhaha....

  9. cuteness overload! Awwww! me so wants one now!

  10. btw- do you use stretchy velvet fabric??

  11. I already want to make more small bears... doh!
    I want to make my own pattern!!!!

    AwtemNymf... I do not use stretchy velvet, I use the non-stretchy, no fray kind :) (although I fray-checked it anyways)