Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tragedy with 'tude?!

So, if you read the last entry, you would have seen that I was having some trouble when it came to my current 'in the works' bear.

Well, the trouble continues, and now it's dictating to me how things are going to be. His first demand was that he NOT be a bear... which was a little shocking. Then he demanded an open mouth (ACK!) He's still deciding on whether or not to demand needle felting... and interestingly... he is demanding that I make an actual bear from this pattern too.

He hasn't mentioned a name to call him by yet... and I'm sure he won't until he's done (heck, by that point the 'he' might become a 'she')... but this one might take me a little longer than I had planned, because I'm kinda making it up as I go!

I do have to say though, other than these minor setbacks, I do really like the shape of the new pattern I drafted... and once I modify limb size, I think it will be really cute! (or... at least... cute enough!)


  1. The mystery deepens! It sure is interesting though. I'll be checking back to see the little guy or gal when he, she or it is complete. Be careful about letting them boss you around - lol! (I should talk!)

  2. Yeah, I'm about to get back to work on it... I'd *like* to try have it near finished by tomorrow... although I think that might be wishful thinking on my part.

    One thing is for certain, when I remake this pattern as a bear... I definitely need to make the legs larger!!!

    I did sew an open mouth on it though, and while it's not the world's most perfect thing since I was using the hard-to-work-with stiff fabric... it's pretty cute!!!

    I wish I knew how to give it teeth!