Friday, August 7, 2009

Logo Variations

Thanks for all the great feedback, guys!

Here are some variations I made based on suggestions from folks:

Brighter Colors with other font:

Ok, no one actually suggested these changes, I just thought I'd try them for the fun of it, the logo in red and brown:

Here is one variation with the text bigger... I had other ones... but... I don't know what I did with them!... but this is a little variation in layout too :)

Again, any input is welcome, I take it to heart and love hearing it :)

PS... mystery creature is still in the works! He's a fiesty little one!



  1. You make it difficult to choose! They are all delightful. My favorite is the top one in this post. I like your berry idea and I really like it with this color family - very cheerful. The idea of using the berry as the 'i' dot is neat but I still like the first one - It looks very clean and would seem to me it would be easy to use in various places.

  2. Darling logo! I like the one in red best.