Monday, August 3, 2009

A tiny tragedy

I had found these beautiful old velvety seat cushions to make a bear out of... I was so excited, I had drafted a new pattern and was so confident in it working at least somewhat well, that I cut out all the pieces and begin sewing them together.

Then... dun dun DUUUUN!

The fabric was too thick to turn when it came to the arms and legs! NOOOO!

So, I will have a very strange bear in the works, one with a strange, old, velvety body... and who knows what for arms and legs! Haha!

It will probably look seriously disturbed... but I just can't bring myself to scrap the body fabric, since that turned just fine.
I should have pictures of that tomorrow :)

I also put more work in on the sculpted doll head, and it's going to be baked soon (then it will look even worse!) and then I'll have to figure out what I want to do for ears. I'm contemplating giving it some sort of mechanism that will allow the ears to detach, because I want to make huge fairy ears for it... but might not *always* want it to have huge fairy ears.

Don't even ask me about making a mold and casting that thing in resin. The very thought sends shivers of terror down my spine.

On a positive note!

I was garage sale'n this weekend and I found a bag that was intended to hold bathroom supplies (it's called the "Everything Bag")... but it works PERFECTLY for holding bear making supplies!!!
I know, you're thinking, 'Bathroom bag from a garage sale, ewwww!' ... but it was brand new with tags. Huzzah!!

I'm one of those nuts who has to have a bag for everything... or sometimes several bags...

Also positive, my boyfriend did a very wonderful thing and got me quite a few bear making books from the library he works at... so now I can read up on the wisdom of others.

I want to do nothing but sew little bears and design new patterns...
is that terribly unhealthy? ;)

ps... I also am starting to work on logos for Little Bearries... haha! (I'll probably have a post with a few logos in which I will ask opinions :)


  1. Hi Heather, Would you mind sending me an email because I have something I want to ask you? Thanks!

  2. I *think* I managed to send an email... :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your little disaster. Did you try clipping and notching the seams on the arms and legs? It might help.
    I like the logo, apart from where the dot from the i is - it makes t look like the name is -


    Which might confuse depending on your web address ? I love the style of the bear though - he's super cute :-)

    love Julia x

  4. Unfortunately, the fabric was really, *really* stiff... all of it... made a good body, but no luck for the arms and legs, it was too hard and thick... and old, it kind of fell apart with the force I applied to it (eek!)
    But this "bear" is just throwing me for a loop on all levels!

    I agree about the dot... but that was just my "I'm thinking about making logos" logo... so I haven't really spent too much time on font type or anything... but yeah, DEFINITE need for tweeking! Thanks for pointing out the bit about websites and confusion!!!!

  5. Hey, I just joined your blog! I love so much this avatar bear on TT, I decided it would be nice to keep tuned on what happens by your side!!!!

    This velvet sounds like very hard to work with... How frustrated you must be with these arms and legs! I am sure you will find a way to solve that. I look forward to see the result.

    I love going to garage sales too. We find so many interesting things there. Never boring.


  6. Thank you so much! That bear is my first ever pattern that I drew up myself! :)

    Garage sales are full of wonder and mystery... I'll have to post a pic of what I found at the latest one! Cute little bear ornaments!

    Yeah, the fabric has been quite frustrating... but I'm keeping at it... and I was going to have pictures of a 'finished' bear today... but... the bear had other plans, such big plans, in fact, that he announced he is no longer, in any way, a bear, but instead, another animal all together!

    One thing I did learn is that I need to enlarge the leg pattern all together... so I will do that when I make an actual bear from this pattern!

    I will keep you all updated!