Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not quite yet...

My grand plans to *almost* finish this latest creation last night were put off in exchange for cleaning my room.

There's just something so satisfying about everything being put away in its own special little place... and last night the room called to be reorganized!

Mostly, I'm looking for somewhere logical to put this bear-making stuff, I have yet to find a spot for the fabric, and I think, truthfully, that the closet outside my door will have to become the fabric spot.

I came across some of my antique buttons while I was organizing though:

I absolutely love antique buttons and snatch them up whenever I find them... but as of late, they seem to be harder and harder to come across!

I also have a picture of those bear ornaments I had mentioned finding at a garage sale! The woman had actually had teddy bear patterns and tons of teddy bear themed things... I bought a pattern as well:

And finally, because they amuse me, here are some pictures of Re Ment animal sets... Why are the birds in bowls? Why is the Chipmunk in a cup?! I have no idea, but the detail on these guys is fantastic, especially considering they stand about an inch and a half tall! :)

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