Monday, August 17, 2009

Halloween Craft #1

Here's the first of my Halloween Crafts! He's a Spool Doll, which is really no more mysterious than it sounds. He's made to be a functional piece of artwork, and the ribbon wrapped around him comes off and is 100% usable in whatever arts and crafts the owner might choose.

I like how this little guy turned out... it was my first time adding things other than wood onto the spool (the stem is made from Sculpey clay)

I wanted to paint him more vintage... but I had a hard time finding vintage images of Jack O' Lantern faces. My google search skills were out of commission for that evening, I guess.

I have another pumpkin and a black cat on the way too.

Mystery bear/creature is still being worked on, by the way... he's currently not living up to his potential. (which is entirely my fault!)

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