Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woodland Creatures Everywhere!

As mentioned before, I've recently found ACEO cards (or ATC cards, depending on who you're talking to) and... at the same time, I had joined a "Fall Swap" in which the goal is to... wait for it... wait for it....

Swap fall items. XD

Well, as part of my swap, along with one (or several) plushies that I'll be making/have made, I am also making the person ACEO cards from a list of favorite animals that they gave me.

I think I'll probably end up printing them a digital version... and possibly framing it, if I can find a frame that looks ok.

Until then, here are the first 3 that I've done :) You can click on the image to make it bigger!


  1. Such lovely detail and amazing drawings. My daughter would love the owl one. Is is colored pencil?

  2. Thanks guys :)

    ginger: the owl is colored pencil (prismacolor), Copic markers and black micron pens :)

  3. Aw they are lovely! I think I like the fox best.

    I keep seeing ACEO and ATC cards - what do the letters stand for btw?

  4. ACEO is Art Cards: Editions and Originals
    ATC is Artist Trading Cards

    Pretty much, it's a trading card sized piece of paper that artists are meant to draw on and then trade, although they're being sold a lot these days too :)

  5. Really wonderful. I can't pick a favorite because I LOVE foxes, squirrels and owls:)

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting my Halloween post.;)
    Your little animal images are lovely and I think they will make great cards.
    I love the expression on the foxes face.
    Happy Halloween.
    Jo May.