Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh well...

My blog give-aways seem to be duds.

I'm obviously going about this whole give-away thing wrong. I suppose that's something to ponder. Do I present them wrong? Maybe free books and pins are just lame items? I'm not really sure.

On a different note... a while back I did quite a few 1 inch by 1 inch drawings (the chickadee is one of them) and I've been itching to do a few more... maybe it's time to get to work, eh?

I am, however, not totally slacking. I'm sewing a new bear as we speak... this is another one from my first original pattern, but this is made with long haired fur... so we'll see how it turns out. I need to really sit down and work on it.

On a note about my weekend:

I went to Ghoultide Gatherings this weekend... and while the artwork was AMAZING... the location really... REALLY sucked. No, let me revise that statement... the location was cute, but whoever planned out the placement of the artists did an awful job. They had several lovely buildings, but they shoved all the artists into two of them. Two very crowded, narrow, claustrophobic buildings.

I was physically pushed out of the way by old, grabby-handed ladies who were trying to snatch up artwork. The last time I was manhandled like that was at a Day-After-Thanksgiving sale... so for it to happen at an upscale craft show that I had to PAY to get into... well, that just pisses me off.

It was nearly impossible to see the tables of artwork... and often, because of above mentioned pushy, grabby ladies, we just gave up before we were trampled to death.

At one point I had picked up an item to look at it, and I was pushed so far back from the table that I couldn't actually return the item! I had to "Excuse me" my way back up there forcibly just to give it back... and let me tell you, it got me quite a few angry glares (even though I had BEEN standing at the table (this was one of the instances where I had been physically pushed aside by some woman... which of course made me feel bad, because I tumbled backwards into some other woman)... and mind you, this was after half an hour of waiting patiently to get to ONE table)

I don't know. I don't think I'll ever go there again, unless they spread it out more... because I have never had such a horrible experience at a craft show... and I've been to crowded craft shows before, but there was almost a sense of panic at this one. It was, quite frankly, kind of scary... and not in a fun, Halloween sort of way.


  1. Maybe you should consider giving a bear away? I know i'd definitley be interested in that :-) Or something bear related? Most of your follower are fellow bear people.

  2. lol, I've been wanting to do that... but have been too afraid no one would enter XD

    So I suppose if at least one person would, I can do that :)