Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bear bits, a mysterious peeker and more!

Well, I'm in the middle of sewing one bear, cutting out another, and trying to design a pattern for a third creature! This is what current *in progress* bear looks like:

While I was taking pictures of bear pieces in the bag, this little guy peeked out to say hello, and ask when I was ever going to get around to finishing him!

My local bookstore is on a roll with the pins, and events! Besides having their usual Halloween extravaganzas, they'll also be having a 'The Graveyard Book Party' on the 24th... in which local bookstores are to throw a party celebrating Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, and then whoever throws the best party (NO idea how they'll decide this) will win a visit from Neil Gaiman... which I think is fun. (and I LOVED this book and paid quite a bit extra to have the UK only version with the Christopher Riddell drawings instead of the US version with the Dave McKean one)

This is the Chris Riddell cover:

This is the Dave McKean cover (and while I like the boy's face cut out of the tombstone, and love his treatment of text... I still just ADORE Chris Riddell's illustration work)

And in closing, here are some pictures from my desk, all dressed up in Halloween festivity!


  1. I am a fan of Niel Gaimans work too :-D
    I will have to check out that one.

  2. Heather I do prefer the same jacket as you, Chris Riddell's illustration is much more interesting to look at.
    Hey if you like books...go check out my "Curious Expedition" post on my other have gotta view the link though!
    Big bear cuddles.

  3. I highly recommend The Graveyard Book... it was a fun little story... and there is actually a short story book with a bit of the story in it, Gaiman's M is for Magic (yes, he was influenced and inspired by Ray Bradbury and asked if it was ok to call his book that :) )

    Sandi ~ Australia got both versions of the book too?!? That's a bit 'WHAT THE HECK?!' to American publishers, then. Grr!
    I will go check out that post right away... I LOVE books... my reading list to the right isn't complete because I forgot to write them all down... egads.