Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A busy day!

I also wanted to share two new artworks, one stuffed, one illustrated!

Ok, the illustrated one first, it's my first scribbling on an ACEO card:

Next is Pumpkin, he's quite the little character!

He can hang upside down...

He can show you his wings!

He can hide from you...

Or not!

He isn't shy...

But sometimes he's confused.

He can sit up...

Or stand up...

But sometimes he falls down!

What is there to do... but get back up again!!


  1. Cute one Heather ... sort of an anime bat eh?
    Really enjoyed the photos.

  2. Hmm, I suppose... that's actually always something I've wondered about... what makes a bear an "anime style" bear? Is it something specific?

    I was actually, originally going for more of a retro bat... but then I ended up sculpting his head a little, which I hadn't planned on doing... doh!

  3. omg hes so cute!! i love the fabric you used, lovely colours :)

    i love the picture too :D

  4. He's really sweet Heather.

    What makes a bear Anime? usually a disproportiantly big head, with small limbs and either tiny, or really big eyes.

    They do have a certain look about them.I love anime style bears - but also find they often look super cute or scary - there is no inbetween!

    I own an anime bear, and an anime kitten by Jenny Loves Benny bears, and I am totally in love with them.

    Here's my kitten, Haiyai -

    I love your card too - that octopus is so sweet!

  5. Hi Heather:
    Pumpkin is hott!!!
    I love the color (orange is a fav of mine) and his expressions are so cool.
    You are great!!!

  6. Thanks guys! :)

    Pumpkin was my first sewing of this pattern... so I plan on tweaking the bits of him that could use tweaking (mostly the width of his gusset!) and then sewing another.

    perhaps the next one will have to be my first giveaway?! lol... so long as I get him done in a timely manner. :)

    Julia... thanks for the explanation! JennyLovesBenny was actually who I bought a pattern from to get started, so they hold a special place in my bear making history XD ... I did two bears from her pattern and then started on my own... she made it so simple!
    ... and just so you know... Candy Corn is purchased XD My plan is to drop it in the mail today :) I bought a variety pack with pumpkins, traditional orange/yellow/white and then chocolate/yellow/white!

  7. Thank You :-) That is really sweet of you! If there is anything you want sending from in the uk anytime - let me know.

    Personally, I like his gusset :-) If you wanted to make it thinner, you could just needlesculpt it maybe? Obviously, for wider you'd need to adjust pattern.

    I also started out with Jenny Loves Benny patterns and a kit - how wierd is that? It was a while before I could own any of her work tho! I own 3 bears by jenny and they are treasured.

    I would love to win one of your bats - he's got tons of personality! love those eyes :-)

  8. Great ACEO card and I LOVE pumpkin! Lovely work.

  9. Julia ~ No worries, the front part of the gusset will stay the same, I like it too :) It's the back part of his head that I want to slim down... I already did some needlesculpting on Pumpkin to make his head back slimmer... so I figure I'll just narrow the gusset back there a tad and solve the problem :) ... I hope to someday own a jennylovesbenny bear XD or maybe one of her too cute puppies! Yeah, it's something to work to.

    Thanks Cheryl! :) More ACEO cards on the way tomorrow too :)

  10. what a sweet little batty..have to add you to my blog list.

  11. How adorable!
    Love Pumpkins batty antics!

  12. I really love a lot this little bat!
    I look forward to see your next one...