Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three Little Bearries!

Sorry for my absence... the flu knocked me out... November was just... well... an AWFUL month when it came to the health of friends and family. Here's to a better December!

Let's begin it with new bears!!! The pink one you've seen before, but now she's joined with two little mohair friends!!!

I like this first pic... it looks like they're comforting the pink bear :)


  1. Heather get well soon!!! Thank you for the link, I'm very happy!
    ps. the pink bear... I haven't word for say how is cute !!! kisses

  2. ps- I like this kinda fluffy stuff. What is it called? (On these bears)?

  3. OhMyWings- I love these lil' guys! :O)
    Yes your right about the faux stuff! I don't know if the faux fur and mohair is different or the same? I've never been able to find mohair to find out! *LOL* The only stuff I am able to find at my local JoAnns is a scruffly loopy fur, very soft off of the bolt or different kinds of plushy felt and scraggly fabric (kinda like the Raggy Rat photo). Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places *lol*. But I used to make bears out of felt. Faved up cuz I couldn't find any faux mohair and it costs and arm a leg for the real stuff. I'm not into making big bears. I like the lil' ones. 6 inches and under. Maybe I'll have to pick your brain for some resources!
    Oh I also find that fleece is soft and pretty good to work with! It turns over nicely! :O)
    Hugs! & Thanks for answering my question before! :O)

  4. Gee Heather. I am sorry to hear you haven't been well. I am glad you are back. I've missed your blogging. Hopefully, like you say, December will be better for you. I do like the colors of these new bears of yours. You have been busy! Here's to your good health! Take good care.

  5. awwww.... I hope you are feeling much better now Heather...

    these little guys look like some yummy sherbet type dessert...

  6. Heather, I'm so glad you are back--I've missed you! Your little mohair bears are adorable. I'm sorry to hear that November was a miserable month for you and your family and friends heathwise. I hope everyone is on the mend.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  7. They're just beautiful! I love the way you photographed them, too.
    I hope you're well over your flu, Heather!

  8. hi heather,sorry to hear you've not been well,your bears look good enough to eat,yummy!

  9. I hope you're feeling better soon! I love the little bears, the colors are great!

  10. I missed you Heather, just passing by and thought I would let you know x x x hope you feel better, if your going to get anything, always get it well before Christmas x x x