Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Fabulous Work of Kyoht!

Some of you may have noticed the adorable white rabbit illustration I used in my Tea Party story... well... that came from an artist who goes by the name of Kyoht.

Her website is:

And I think her work is fantastic... but... while I was stumbling around looking for imagery for the tea party weeks ago... I found this work by Kyoht... and had to wonder... does she know my cat?!

I keep expecting my cat (The Salacious Crumb) to give me a huge, creepy grin!!!


  1. omg, her work is great! Thanks for sharing. I will head over to check out the site! :)

  2. I think she does, know your cat!!The likeness is uncanny.
    Thanks for the congratulations on my blog!
    I can see some very beautiful work being created here!!

  3. I'm always happy to spread the word about awesome artists!

  4. Wow.... that is your cat.... to check out her work now.... I should be heading for bed.... but, I can put that off a bit I guess.... lol....

  5. Her work looks fantastic and if you well look at your cat, I am sure you will find such a smile on her mouth!

    Lots of hugs,