Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My apologies!

I am about 2 weeks behind here. 2009 has NOT been a kind year. I am done with it! But... to close it out... I *did* prepare my party stuff... but unfortunately wasn't able to be around for the party dates... so I will share my party images... because, better late than never!!!

This set is for ginger's teaparty!
(as per usual, click on the image to see it bigger :) )


  1. Oh, Heather, that was wonderfully delightful! I just LOVED it! I hope 2010 will be kinder to you!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. definately better late than never,this post is delightful

  3. Hi Heather, Are you in the land of the living now? I hope you are feeling better. I will add your post to the list in case we have some more visitors in the future. Thanks for participating. Be good to yourself!


  4. Thanks all... sorry for my MIA status there for a while... life threw some nasty curve balls.

    I sent you an email, Ginger... so hopefully it doesn't get eaten by the online postal system!!! XD And sorry for being late!!!!!

  5. Bonjour Heather! well...
    1) you are right: better late than never.
    2) hmmm....in two weeks I had time to post another story full of tenderness ( because this is all I wish for 2010).You are more than welcome to visit and watch it if you want.
    3)Your adaptation of Alice is delightful!I love the way you have personalised it with your toys! ( hey! is this a Pullip doll that you have? she's gorgeous!).
    4)Just like you, I cannot wait for 2010.2009 has been a horrible year and particularly the end...aaaaaaaaa...what is wrong with the world?
    Anyway, I hope you are OK.
    Bye for now Heather and looooooooooots of hugs if you need some!

  6. How cute! I love all the tiny characters and dolls! Very cute story...and I'm so glad you made it! Sounds like you could use another cup of tea! Hope things are better in the new year! I know this has been a tough year for so many.