Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is not a diaper!

So, for whatever reason, I have recently found myself fascinated with Pullip dolls... but I hate saying their name.

In America, at least, there is a brand of transitional diaper for toddlers called "Pull-Ups" ... so when you walk around excitedly saying "I want more Pullips!" people generally look at you like you're insane!Regardless, the dolls are very cute, and I will post pics of some of the ones I own tomorrow :)

I will also post pics of the disaster that is my room, because last night I got the brilliant idea to totally rearrange the furniture to make my room more craft friendly... but I didn't finish yet and, frankly, the place is just scary.
I will post pics when it's done too :)

I am working on new patterns, on some little meeses for a swap and on a few other things... It should be a very busy crafting weekend. :)

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