Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back from New York City!

I'm back, battered and bruised from being a die-hard tourist... but I'm back XD Here are some of the things I saw while I was there!

Grand Central Station! They were filming something there when we were going through... and some guy kept yelling at everyone to be quiet, and then a bunch of people started walking around really fast... it was pretty comical.

This is the Wish Tree by Yoko Ohno at MoMA (I tied my wish to the tree :) )... the day we went to MoMA they were doing some sort of performance piece where they set up a microphone and encouraged you to come scream into it... when we first heard this, we were in the middle of the Matisse exhibit and wondered if someone was being killed. It was a *REALLY* ANNOYING exhibit (the screaming one, not the Matisse)

Times Square... as busy as you'd expect.

This was at The Metropolitan Museum of Art... it's a Tiffany's Glass window... I could have stood there staring at these all day. Heck, I could have spent several days in the Met alone. It was amazing. If you ever go to NYC, GO TO THE MET!

The Subway! Huzzah! Not bad, as far as public transit goes, the waiting for the train part was the worst, it was ungodly hot in the subway tunnels, but the trains themselves were air conditioned well. Unfortunately we had to wait in the tunnels a lot because they kept having track malfunctions. More so than was usual.

The Subways were also filled with a bunch of wonderful artwork, this is a mosaic found under the Museum of Natural History, in the subway.

The Statue of Liberty!! Last time I went to NYC, I was thwarted seeing her by Ricky Martin, of all people... but this time I did it! I took the Staten Island Ferry and cruised right by... we took it in the evening and it was absolutely beautiful.

Random, awesome plate at the Met, I'm just sorry I was in such a rush that I didn't write down the name of who made it or when it was from... or anything.

Watch out for the naughty bits! You'd think you would cover those when slaying a Gorgon! This is a statue of Perseus with Medusa's head.

Muuuuummy at the Met. Their Egypt wing was AMAZING.Narnia? Mysterious Tunnel in Central Park...

That led to this adorable pond with little boys driving around little remote controlled sailboats! SO CUTE!
More Central Park...

Is this a picture of the almost unseeable Apple Store... or is it a picture showcasing the fact that 4 out of 5 vehicles in NYC are cabs? XD

Close up of the Apple Store, no idea who this guy is, but he did get yelled at by the Apple employees for wandering around too close to the glass.

That's it for this blog... although if you'd like to see a little more of NYC, and of what I ate while I was there, you can head over to Dot's blog @:


  1. I thought that head would have been bigger!
    Oh well.........
    Great photo's thanks.......... cos I've never been there. X X X

  2. Yeah, more snakes and stuff... and it occurred to me... if you're going to be turned to stone, and you're awful proud of your twig and berries... well, then of course you'd want to be nude, otherwise they'd be buried under stone folds of fabric for all eternity. Modest, Perseus was not.

  3. Looks like a fab trip. I'd love to go back there now I'm old enough to remember (I just didn't appreciate it all that much when I was 4, or driving through it 2 years ago!)

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of your trip Heather...that Tiffany window is mesmerising...I would have had great difficulty walking away from that!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. You've taken some wonderful pictures, it was fun to see them. Thank you for your comment on my blog a few days ago, my little bear "Gnubbel" sure appreciated your kindness... ;O) I'm a follower of your interesting blog from now on and I'll be glad not to miss your newest posts.

    Greetings from Germany

  6. Hi Heather,

    These photos certainly bring back memories of our trip last year and really make me want to go back. Of course, I didn't need the photos for that. I've got my list ready. I just need to hitch a ride, find a place to stay and get someone to finance it for me. Mere details. And Lady Liberty - isn't she stunning? You just can't imagine how huge she is and how amazing. Now I am off to dream. Thanks for sharing your photos!


  7. Hi! And thank you to the new followers :)

    New York was great!!! Although I forgot to give our hosts the Metro card I'd purchased... so I'm going to have to mail it to them! Unless it's the magical metro card and all I have to do is hold it out... kind of like the Knight Bus in Harry Potter...