Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another zombie bear and better pictures!

Well... it seems the zombies are coming! Here is my latest little zombie... I'm still debating on whether to give him a lolling tongue or not.His fabric has holes in it... so it looks like he's rotting away! I've needlefelted the stuffing into those holes, so he won't *really* ooze bear guts, but I think it's pretty amusing anyways. :)

And here are some better pictures of the brown bear... who got shorted when I had to use my phone to take pics of him. Poor little guy!


  1. Your zombies are very funny, and with the right zombie details, too... ;O) And it's good that you've taken new photos of the little brown chap, he deserved that.

  2. Hello!yes, zombies are very funny :) and brown bear very nice!

  3. i love the zombie bears, such gorgeous colours too :D