Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New bear and better pics of the pink panda

Well, I made this little grey bear (on the left) utilizing some techniques that some very nice and wonderful bear makers passed along... plus a different sewing technique that I think works better and is a lot more secure... and it never ceases to amaze me how one pattern can produce two very different little bears! The little grey guy is stuffed mostly with glass bead because I wanted him to be really squishy, and he has glass eyes, which, for the first time, thanks to a lot of help from my favorite bear makers, I feel are fastened in really securely... I'm stupidly proud of that, lol.

I remember cutting out this bear and thinking "Oh, I won't like him, because this is weird, spikey mohair and he just won't turn out cute," but... I really LOVE the way this mohair both looks and feels as a bear. Never judge a mohair un-beared!


  1. Both very cute. BTW, did you ever open that Christmas parcel? Yours appears to have been swallowed up by the PO somewhere en route :o( I asked at the sorting office (the guy knows me well) but he hadn't seen anything, and there was nothing in the books about a return, so it didn't make it to Glasgow. Oh well, hope the person that got it enjoyed it!

  2. I love them, they are so cute! They grey bear cracks me up, he looks surprised at everything! I have days when I feel just exactly that way! =}

  3. @Katy... Gah! No, I haven't opened it yet, it's sitting safely on a shelf in my closet. I refuse to open it until your crew get their presents. I sent off several international packages during the holiday season that seem to be MIA... but I've sent some since then and they've made it, so I'm going to send you off a package again along with all my pay it forwards. Your bears must be gifted!!!!

    @Kelly, lol, yeah, he's got that look... I think he was shocked to have made it to completion, I'm pretty sure he expected to be parts forever!

  4. They look GREAT, Heather!!! Both are simply adorable! Well done!!