Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strawbearry Bear

Alrighty, so I drew up this new pattern, and oh boy is it going to need some work, lol :)

Here's my new little bear, a Strawbearry, if you will:

Now, I kept the arms and legs from the old pattern, because essentially I wasn't making the bear any taller... what I didn't count on was that I was making his little body a lot fatter... which means the arms just aren't long enough anymore, and the legs could stand to be a little bigger too.

The body... initially... looked silly as heck... but I modified the pattern slightly after I'd cut it out and sewn it... and now it's just the way I wanted it to be!

As for the head... well... yeah, I visualized THAT pattern all wrong... while I do like the head I ended up with... its pretty cute... it was not at ALL what I was seeing in my wee little brain...so it's back to the drawing board on that one too.

I *really* like the cute little printed cotton ear and feet bits... I'm wondering if I should add paw pads too?... I was also thinking of making one with a cotton body and mohair head and limbs... or something like that. I'm not sure... but I may just leave it at ear and paw pads.

This little bear will probably get a new ribbon too... this is just what I had in front of me, and he looked like he wanted *something* to wear.


  1. Good to see you still plugging away Heather!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears

  2. I must be from a different planet or something, because I really like this little guy JUST the way he is---absolutely adorable!!!


  3. LOL, thanks Cheryl... the problem comes in mostly with his arms... since the body is a different shape, the arms aren't really long enough to wrap around and sit nicely at his sides, they kinda stick out instead XD
    Actually, he looks super cute with both his little hands curled up on his chest like he's holding something... the only problem is I didn't put any wire or anything in there, so they aren't actually able to pose in that way. I'm contemplating sewing them together though and getting him a flower or something to hold... or maybe for the next one I'll just have to wire his arms!

  4. He is cute! I love his little red nose =)

  5. Oh the experimentation is all part of the fun! I'm just closing the seams on my very first bunny. She turned out rather tubbier than I had imagined, but hey, she rocks being the fattest bunny ever!

  6. He's got a kind of koala vibe going on. I think he's cute too. :)