Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still plugging away...

I am diligently working away at creating new bears... but in the meantime... why don't you all take a gander at Beastlies!
Maulkie is going through a phase... He's been deliberately stamping on ants lately. This isn't really like him; it seems to be some sort of rebellious demonstration of power? In any case, it's freaking out the other Beastlies.

I love these little guys, they all have the cutest expressions... and have their own clever little descriptive bit to go along with them. I purchased this one:
Zaidan is very sensitive to caffeine. We don't normally let Beastlies have any caffeine, but he found a used English Breakfast teabag sitting by the sink last week, and proceeded to try to suck out all the moisture. He was wired for two days.
 And he is just the cutest thing. High quality clay work... and just as adorable as the picture!

Here are a few more of my favorites!
Higgins has recently tasted lemonade for the first time, and he's decided it's his favorite thing. Good luck getting him to talk about anything else.

Tiggy is very tense! We can't figure out how to get him to relax... He's just always on high alert. Or he's dead asleep. It's exhausting being wound so tightly.

Go here to check out the website too!

They sell VERY quickly though, so I recommend following her on Facebook if you really want one. She updates it diligently as soon as she posts a new monster.