Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's one BIG head!

Let me begin by saying that I've always loved photographs of Blythe dolls... with their decidedly retro feel... sometimes they're just beautiful... but the dolls themselves, with their big heads and often strange eyes... often creep me out... so while I can appreciate photographs of them, I'd always been wary of owning one.

Then I found Pullip dolls... another big headed doll, and ordered some and loved them... so I thought, "Sure, why not a Blythe?!" but they still kind of scared me a little... and I wasn't willing to drop $200-some-odd dollars on a doll that I thought was a little strange.

Then I found Blybes and Basaaks. They're Blythe knockoffs that, as far as I'm concerned, are dead ringers. From what I hear, Blythe Originals don't really have that great a body anyways (most people replace them)... so why would I want to pay $200+ for something where I'm going to have to spend another $40 at least to buy it a new body?

Anyhow... I went and ordered a Basaak... and while in person she still creeps me out a bit (Her head is SO much bigger and (the part I find truly strange) flatter than a Pullip) I still can't wait to customize her and start taking pictures!!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, here is the price difference:

Blythe: $180+
Blybe + Basaak: $25-$40

Here is my first picture of her, without any customization:


  1. Looks like a new friend for someone? It'll be interesting to see how you customize her. I'll just watch - it's easier on my brain if I resist some tempations - like new dolls and then painting them (as if I would be a mite successful at it anyways!) Ha ha!

    Good luck!


  2. ha ha... oh Heather... I have a dog, she has the same eye's :-)
    x x x

  3. It keeps asking me for food and then looking at me and then running like the clappers ! x x x

  4. I hope you feed that hamster by the way ! x x x

  5. it is great that you can get a doll for a fraction of the price that is just as good or better I look forwarsd to seeing her after you have customised her.

  6. well, I love the sweet little bear...forget the doll.....

  7. Definitely better to start out with the cheaper version in my opinion... customizing is scary!

    And hey! I feed that hamster... he's just so greedy... I'm shocked he doesn't weigh 300 pounds!

    And BumbleVee, the lovely, lovely bear is made by Ginger @
    LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!