Monday, April 26, 2010

A lot of stuff!

Ok... I did some crafting this weekend and ended up with hamsters, jellyfish, a sloth, a mouse, a ... thing? and spool dolls!

First, the Jellyfish... they're pins I made and I kinda love em:

Next, HAMSTERS! AAAAAH! They're everywhere!!! These are pins that can (like my bear pins) hold small flower and such... so essentially they could be seasonal. I think I will submit these to the Thimbleprims Pin swap :) (although each one will be sent along with props to hold :) )

Here's a pic of one of the bears holdinga leaf... just to show how they hold things:

I also made a sloth who doesn't yet have his vine to hang from:This mouse is paperclay and he's a painter... or maybe he just ran through a freshly painted room, I have no idea:

This thing is just a thing that I thought was cute:

And now for the Spool Dolls! 2 Spool Bots and 2 Spool Girls :)


  1. What a lot of fun things I love your jellyfish too :-)

  2. Just got your comment on my blog it made me laugh :-D

  3. I like all your crafts Heather, but those spool dolls are absolutely adorable ! I assume you painted those faces ??? If so , you are talented ...great personalities .

    Hugs, Tammy