Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting Going

I've, since yesterday, found several helpful forums where a lot of my questions have been answered.

More than anything, I now have a list of books that I want:

1. Making and Dressing Miniature Teddy Bears by Julie K. Owen
2. The Encyclopedia of Teddy-Bear Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques by Alicia Merrett and Ann Stephens
3. Learn Bear Making: Easy-Intermediate-Advanced by Judy Maddigan
4. Teddy Bear Art: How to Design and Make Great Teddy Bears by Jennifer Laing

If anyone has any input on any of those books... or others you feel I should add to the list, please let me know!

I've almost finished my first bear... he just needs his back seam sewn up. He's... not quite what I figured, since I ended up not being able to find the correct joints... his poor little head is just sewn on and the joints I ended up using in his arms and legs (the smallest ones I could find in the area) were still way too large!
I also didn't have the right eyeballs or a good color floss for his nose! All in all... a bit of a disaster, and yet, I still love him. He's my first, so I'm not discouraged, I figure it can only get better!

I don't have a picture yet, I felt I should sew up his back first... but tomorrow hopefully I will have an image of my first little disaster bear! :)

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