Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Bear Ever

So I've finally completed my first bear... mind you, he's made out of what I could scrape together locally... which wasn't much.

Hopefully for future bears I will be a bit more prepared... but here he is, Bear #1, from a jennylovesbenny pattern. He's about 6 inches tall from footpads to the top of his head.

I'd love to start making my own patterns... I have to say though, gussett lineup with the side head pieces still baffles me a bit. How do I measure this out? What happens if I change the dips and curves? Did everyone learn this just through trial and error, or is there some great, secret tome of the Bear Maker???

Anyways, I'm calling this little guy "V", he's a bit "starey eyed" because I didn't have any good eyes to use... lesson # one, get better eyes... his nose is also not even, because I hadn't read any techniques when I sewed it, I just grabbed a needle and went to town *shudder* lesson # two, draw shape on first:

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