Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A picture for Ginger @ bearbits

I just thought I'd share the following picture:

A while back, I asked Ginger if she could make me a Sebastian style bear...
but smaller, so it would be in scale with my Dollfie Dreams.

Ginger came through with flying colors.
This little guy is one well loved bear!

I actually make the purse my doll is carrying... but you can barely see it!
So here is a better picture:


  1. Hi Heather,

    Cool! I am so pleased that the scale was good and they look like they belong together. Thanks for the photo - I might just have to show it to my dad.

    And I see Merida in the back there! What a fun place. I'd love to have a look around. That would be an afternoon's delight, I'm sure.


    1. lol, someday I'll have to post a "desk tour" XD

  2. I love this bear, it really is the perfect size, and so adorable in all his well loved beauty.

    The purse looks really cute too, maybe sometime we could get a better look at it?

    1. Yes! The perfect little bear for dollies! (well, this one is SD sized, but I'm sure he'd fit in with any of them XD)

      And I updated the post to have a pic of the purse, lol!