Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatta Week!

Hello, everyone!

I have so much I need to write about...
new girls have arrived...
penpal letters have arrived...
and yet, instead, here's what I've been up to:

It all started with a harmless follow-up X-ray:

Which led to me hearing the X-ray technicians say things like,
"Never seen that before..."
and then the doctor saying,
"It looks like an innertube... that's NOT good...
this girl needs an appointment, STAT!"
Which led to me sitting here for a while:

Which led to me being rushed to the ER
and given one of these:

along with a CATSCAN,
in which the doctors found something they could only describe as...
Literally... that's the word they used.

So, I was admitted, and taken to surgery.
Offending articles were removed...
but the docs still aren't quite sure what's going on.

Evidently it looked like my abdomen was filled with scar tissue...
as if I'd have a surgery.
They must have asked me a million times if I'd had surgery
in my abdomen area... to which
I always answered NO... because I never have.

At least I had some pals with me, though.

Teddy Bears are always true, blue friends.
Ginger Brame makes VERY good hospital stay friends, in case you're ever in need.

Le Petit Macaron was there as well...
although she didn't want to be.

But she was stuck just like me
(she had gone with me to work that day)

At least there was a lot of food once surgery was over.
The place had room service from 5:30 am until 6:30 pm...
and I could call them as often as I wanted! 0_0

So yeah, that's where I've been for the last week and a half.
I DO NOT recommend this vacation!

On a happier note, Alna came with me to work today.
Her new wig is the Real Champagne color from Leeke... it's beautiful,
and almost the same color as my hair!


  1. Oh no! This is to be followed with you imagining both my hands smacking my cheeks and my jaw dropping to the floor! Gee whiz!

    I feel somewhat comforted by the fact that your sense of humor is in tact and you have posted to your blog. Good for you!

    And I am so glad the bears and dolls were available for company. I hope the bears didn't scarf down all your goodies before you had a chance at them.

    I hope you are mending well and quickly and that you will get some answers soon!! I mean like real soon. Really really soon!

    Do take care. The bears and dolls need you - not to mention the rest of us who enjoy your blogs!


    1. Thanks, Ginger!

      The bears didn't eat my food at all... because they could just call and order their own. It's a good thing the nutrition specialists thought they were cute XD

      We spent many a hour with them snacking and watching Animal Planet. They thought it was a great vacation! They even got stuff to take home. LOL!

      I'm hoping this will take care of problems too... we shall see! At the moment I can't tell because everything is still sore from the cutting and slicing... I have to wear scrubs to work because jeans hurt too much to wear 0_0

      Thanks so much, too, for making such wonderful, comforting little companions. I was very sad Dot wasn't there as well... He was probably at home keeping the other bears calm. XD

  2. Yeow!!! What a week, indeed! I hope you are hanging in there and they find some answers for you quick. Know that I'm holding you in my heart.

    Take good care of yourself and don't push yourself too hard--you need lots of time to heal.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. Hello from Spain: Sorry you had to be in the hospital. I wish that you recovered from your health problems. I hate hospitals. At least you had the company of your bears. The new wig is beautiful. Courage and kept in touch.

  4. Oh, my! What you have been through! I hope you have a very speedy recovery! :)

  5. Good Grief! I hope that this operative procedure has done the "trick" know, made you completely well! It's been a couple weeks but I'm praying you are recovered. What weird (ness)!!! I was looking at the rag dolls you made me a couple years ago and wondered if you still have the doll I sent you... Gosh, it is not hard to notice that you love the beautiful, BJDs...they are gorgeous and tiny little teddies....By the way, you are right, they are steadfast companions and won't abandon you under any circumstances. Best wishes for your recovery !


    1. Of course I still have her!!! I'd like to say she comes out every Halloween and witches around the place... but that would be a lie, because she's out all year round keeping the place with a little touch of Halloween through every month of the year XD