Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Custom Blythe

Well, quite a while ago
I got a Blythe in a trade.
I gave her a custom faceup...
but never got around to putting her back together!

Here she finally is all in one piece!

I have to say, I HATE assembling and disassembling Blythe dolls.
I'm not even sure I put her back together right...
I mean, her eye mechanism works...
but still...

I think she turned out pretty cute, but BOY does she look snooty!
Her eyelids DO open all the way, but I like them better half closed...
plus then you can see her pink with orange polka dot eyelids.
They're glittery too XD

She also has a small, very light, pink glitter heart under her one eye.

She has orange and pink makeup, with gold glitter eyeliner and pink sparkle lips.
I gave her nostrils, and did some mouth carving.

I didn't have eyelashes to put in her though, nor did I change any of her eye chips.

My problem now is... how do I sell her? LOL.
She'll come with her original body (which she's currently not on)
and the Pure Neemo body she's currently on.. which gives her
a little more head movement, but, IMO, has a less
sturdy head mechanism for a Blythe.

1 comment:

  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the work of Blythe. She is very cute. I do not know how you can sell it. Sure you inform other fans. Great job. Keep in touch.