Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unexpected Find!

I was doing a web search for Ginger Brame bears, hoping to find maybe owner pictures or pictures that haven't shown up on her blog or website... when I stumbled across this boy on ebay:

A Ginger Brame bear on ebay?!?! I had to snatch him up immediately! I can't wait for him to get home!
Huzzah for ebay finds!!! His name is Mette and evidently he was made in 2002. He will be my oldest Ginger Brame bear yet... will I have to call him Old Man Mette? Will Dot call him that? Maybe he needs a pair of glasses? :)


  1. Well done, Heather!!! Congratulations on your wonderful ebay find. He is a sweetie!


  2. Luckeeee! =) Don't you just love Ginger's bears?! I have two of the little sweeties. Just found you via your comment on BearBits today, love your lil' bear on your Etsy shop, the one with the red nose - too cute - wish I had some bear bucks to spend but have to do taxes first, may owe this year - ugh!! Nice to 'meet' you! Ani

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Yes... I couldn't believe it myself :O
    I'm glad he was able to come and live with my group though... I am a Ginger Bear addict, LOL!

    I hope you enjoy my blog!!!

  4. Que guapo es!!!!
    Saludos Heather♥