Monday, July 26, 2010

Monster High

Hmm, I can't decide, do I wish my Highschool had been more like this, or not... or, you know... on second though, maybe my Highschool was like this... just without the monsters looking so cool. XD

I digress.
Mattel has just come out with this new line of doll that is fantastic! The line is called Monster High. Their clothes and accessories are just perfect! I bought all 4 of the individual girls (although admittedly, the vampire girl is not my favorite, my favs are the Frankenstein and Fish girls). Now... the one thing I've been pondering is why they made the guy doll the Gorgon (I haven't bought him yet)... but the best I can figure is that it's because, traditionally, all the girl dolls are generally male monsters (Dracula, Sea Monster, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolfman) so they made the guy an obvious girl monster... I still think it's a bit strange though :)

Anyways, here are the girls:

Lagoona Blue, the fish girl, note her blue skin, and webbed fingers... she also has fins on her arms and legs :) Also, each of these dolls has a different face mold, and they purposely made Lagoona more fishy, with bulgier eyes and a poutier lips and a very flat fishy face. A lot of people don't like her because of this, but I think it makes her all the better.

Clawdeen Wolf, I almost didn't buy this girl... but she was just too cute to leave behind with those little ears and her lovely skin tone. She's just lacking one thing... a tail!

Frankie Stein, a bit greenish skinned, her hair has a purple tinge to it, and her eyes are two different colors... plus she's covered in scars and has little neck bolts... SO CUTE. (yeah, that's probably a strange thing to say)
Draculaura, admittedly, I did not buy the first time around. I'm not that impressed with her painted on fangs, and she's pink skinned and just looks more like a goth-poser girl than an actual vampire (hehe, whatever those look like). When I bought the other three, there had been about 20 of these dolls in the store... when I went back the next day to buy the vamp girl (I knew it would bug me not to have them all) there were only two left. Thankfully one of them was her! So, she's been added to the collection anyways :) I hope they come out with more!

Yeah, it's kind of a silly and childish thing for me to go out and buy, but they were just so well designed... I couldn't help it!


  1. i saw these in argos the other day and was telling my bf how cool they are hehe....i am very tempted to buy the Frankie Stein one. x

  2. I am not really a doll person..or into creepy, but I LOVE these, especially Lagoona! Now I want her darn you! XD

    Hugs, Kelly

  3. 43 bucks later, Frankie and Lagoona are on their way to me you evil evil girl! *giggles*

  4. Haha! Kelly, I'd say excellent choices, those two are my favorites (so Sarah, I highly encourage the purchase of Frankie XD )

    Something I noticed the other day... Lagoona has little fin ears too! And Clawdeen doesn't have human ears at all!!! Just her little wolf ears. I didn't even notice because she's got such great hair! I wonder what other little details I'm overlooking...

  5. Well I did some snooping around the net and there are at least two more coming at the end of the year. A boy and a girl. But I saw a picture of a third...whether it was a real one or one someone just made over I am not sure.

    The girl coming is Ghoulia Yelps and the boy was something Holt. (It's really late for me, so I forgot.) The other one I saw was a cat girl with bright green hair.

    I actually do have a couple dolls, I have two Pullips and two very rare Hestias that they cut the production run on for some reason. I also have a couple of Cloe Bratz dolls...oddly both of those were given to me by gay male friends because they said the dolls looked like me. I am not sure what that says considering they have huge heads and lips! XD My husband thought it was hysterical on several levels.

    I was only going to get Lagoona until I saw that Frankie had two different color eyes...I really like that for some reason. They should be along in a few days. I was going to go search for them around town but I have a bear to make and pictures to take so I decided to order them.

    I am glad you posted them even if I shouldn't have spent the money on them!

    Hugs, Kelly

  6. (I love Frankie's two different color eyes too, it's what sold me, lol)

    Around here the only place I've found them so far is Toys R' Us, so I think you saved yourself a lot of trouble by ordering them online!

    Oh, I'm excited they're making the Ghoul girl, I've seen illustrations of her and she looks really cute with her little glasses XD

    I think the green haired girl with ears might actually be Clawdeen, it seems they're coming out with an alternate version of the Mummy girl, the Werewolf girl and the Frankenstein girl, but they're 'school dance' themed... they also evidently sold a grey version of Frankie at Comicon this year.

    I have Pullips too (although I need to sell some, I went overboard in the purchasing) and some Volks Ball Jointed dolls... it's really strange too, because as a kid, I was the one with toy animals, not the one with Barbies!
    (I also bought a knock-off Blythe... but her proportions kind of scare me, I love the vintage style photos of them, but to see one in person, it looks like their heads have been flattened by a steam roller)

    That's amusing that two different people gave you Cloe Bratz dolls XD Just so long as your feet don't come off with your shoes, I'd say it's a compliment :)