Monday, May 3, 2010

A weekend of Changes...

First off, I finished the new Harry Dresden book, Changes... and I.WANT.MORE!

Second, I, instead of doing the crafts I had planned, spent the weekend modding the Blythe knockoff I acquired. HOLY CRUD getting her old eyechips out was just about the hardest thing ever... but here are the results:

Remember how she used to look?

Here she is now, I changed her hair, sculpted her lips, repainted her face and changed all her eyechips. *whew* Next up? A New body for her!


  1. Much more interesting - good for you! Perhaps she needs a thought bubble - "No one messes with my bunny shoes." Did you envision this or did it evolve as you went?


  2. She does have quite the defensive stance there, doesn't she?!

    The only plan I had was that I wanted to give her a more retro hairstyle... because I really like how retro these dolls look in photographs (probably because they were designed in the 70s!)

    I wasn't sure until I removed the paint from her lips if I'd be modding them or not (it's really scary to take an exacto to a dolls face!)... but once I got going (making sure I went slow) it was really easy... it was a really fun weekend project... but you *definitely* should have a dremel handy! (with lots o' bits... including a buffer!) Oh... and a tiny (like, glasses size) screw driver!

  3. As with all us dolls a good makeover goes a long way to making us happy!

    Looks like you're having fun Heather.

    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  4. I love her new eyebrowws and mouth!
    I want a Blythe tooooooooo!!!

  5. Thanks Heather I have found the link!
    Do you know if she fits a 24cm azone body?
    I think it is a toooo cute body!

    I haven't found my fave blybe, I re-try the next week! ^_^
    Yesterday I have brught a vintage stawberry shortcake...Ebay is too dangerous for my pocket ahahahahah