Thursday, May 27, 2010


I recently entered the Traveling Bear Swap over at Thimbleprims blog, and here is one of the "bears" I got back in the swap.

Actually, it's a million times better than a bear, it's a stuffed version of The Monkey Queen of Switzerland (which is a nickname I accidentally gave myself)... but this little plush is AMAZING!

She came in the red and white box with all the little accessories shown... because a Queen needs to travel with everything she could possibly need :)


  1. I'm so glad you like her :) And that she reached you safely! Swapping with you was loads of fun, thank you!

  2. ~Can't agree, sorry... but it is pants :-)
    There is nothing like a real bear !
    :-) :-)
    x x x

  3. Gosh, Lireal has put me to shame - might be a good thing mine didn't turn up! Heather, I will send you a bag/box of smarties as a consolation. Jill x

  4. I LOVE her Lirael, and I'm glad you like my bear stuff too!

    Bwa ha ha, you know, I wrote what's better than a monkey... but I knew I should have known better, LOL, We love bears too much! But this monkey *is* pretty darn thoughtful and awesome.

    Jill, really, really, no worries yet, I am used to things taking a long time sometimes, I've done a *lot* of international shipping. I still have all faith that the wee little one will show up!!! And I will be excited to see her when her long travel is over! :)