Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What *IS* the Myth of the Narwhal?

So... a few months ago I was visiting home and we were discussing creatures that had been built up to be real, but were not (think 'jackalope')... when my brother turned to me and asked, "Yes, Heather... what *IS* the myth of the Narwhal?"

Now... at first I thought he was joking, so I laughed... but then he said, ,"No, really, what's the myth of the Narwhal? You know, the mythological creature, The Narwhal?"

My brother is by no means a dummy... in fact, he's a pretty smart guy... so, at this point, I was rolling on the floor laughing. He rarely makes such mistakes... so when he does, well, I'm afraid we're the cruel sort of siblings who have to make sure he never forgets!

(for anyone wondering... the Narwhal is NOT a mythological creature!!! )

So, for Christmas, my brother is going to be getting a stuffed narwhal, and an illustrated story, "The Myth of the Narwhal" XD

He's gonna kill me.

Here is my prototype Narwhal... I had meant for him to be entirely fuzzy, bt his tail was too small to turn... and then I kinda just liked him this way, so I think I'll make all Narwhals this way :)

His horn is paperclay, with drawn on swirl, and then coated in gloss... and I hand colored all of his spots on him :)


  1. Omgosh is that going to be fun! you'll have to tell us what happens...LOL!!! I think that is such a creative critter, Love it. Hugs, Jennifer

  2. what a wonderful little guy.... oh, your poor brother...he'll never live this one down!

    I'll try to get the magazines in the mail today or tomorrow...I'm glad u wanted some of them... I hate to toss them and I have no doll or bear making buddies in the area..... there are even patterns in them... maybe u can give one a try.

  3. How cutie!!! I love it!!! I want to know how to sew... :( :(

  4. Omg!! You customize doll? I'm totally in your hands!! Kissss

  5. I will post the story of the Narwhal here once I have it all done XD

    And no hurry on the magazines, Veronica, I am just unbelievably grateful that you're sharing!!!!! I will definitely try a pattern in them! ... and you're right, my brother is *never* going to live this one down, hehehehe!

    And yes yes! I do customize dolls :) I will post my email on your blog, please email me with any questions! I am happy to help!

    (and you can definitely learn to sew... I would say check out the tutorial section on a site called Teddy Talk)

  6. Love your Narwhal, don't you just love teasing brothers :D I have 2 to tease and adore them both.

  7. Greta present idea! And I LOVE your narwhal! It's too cute! I wish I was getting one for Christmas :)

  8. Heather, I LOVE the Narwhal! Great job!
    Heaps of Hugs,
    Bingle Bears

  9. Awwwwwww! Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy TOO CUTE! :)

  10. He looks great! I love him the way he is!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoy having new visitors!
    I just googled, "add snow to blog" and it cam up with a widget to add.
    Let me know if you need the link and I can email it to you!
    Margaret B

  11. I have been wanting to make a narwhal for about two years now! Yours is so cute!

    Hugs, Kelly

  12. Julie, brothers are the best to tease, lol, they take it better than sisters do XD

    I was pondering making a larger version of the Narwhal... but I was constantly afraid of being impaled on the small one... I imagine I'd be terrified of a larger one XD

    Thank you for all the kind comments!!!

    And Thank you Margaret for the info! I now have snowflakes!!!!

  13. Oh, Heather, what a beautiful Narwhal!
    I cannot wait to see the next you will make!


  14. I love your narwhal! What a funny story. Some creatures are so weird they seem unreal:)

  15. Now I feel I should make a jackalope, lol!

  16. Could you remake this to sell?

  17. Most certainly!

    I'm in the midst of making bats and bears right now, but I'll see if I can't throw a Narwhal or two in as well!!

  18. Let me know if you get any done. You can email me at

    Thank you!

  19. omg he is amazing! Are you making more? if so please email me at :)

  20. I'd like to buy one too ^_^
    oeg_music at hotmail
    He is so adorable.
    I wonder what other animals you can make.

  21. Did you make any more narwhals? I'd love to buy one. How did the illustrated story turn out?