Thursday, November 5, 2009


Sorry for being MIA for the last week and a half!

From having a hospital stay myself, to the very sudden and very unexpected death of one of my best friend's fathers (he was only in his early 50s)... it has not been a good time health-wise!!!

Things seem to be getting back on track though! I will even have a new bear (from a new pattern) to show off tomorrow! :)

Until then, here are some other things I've been working on!

First up is the Happy Leaf... there will be some sad fall colored ones to come :)

Next, I've started a new series of ACEO cards (I'm still working on animals too... but I've misplaced the book I had tucked all the old ones into and I'm afraid they may be gone forever)

These are Fairytale girls... most of whom meet rather dark ends :) ... or maybe I should say :(

Little Red Riding Hood



  1. Your ACEOs are VERY cute. But I have to say that I just LOVE that happy little leaf!

    Heaps of Hugs,
    Bingle Bears

  2. Aww! I love your leaf - it's super cute.

    Nice cards too!

  3. Oh gosh! You were in the hospital? I hope you are ok!! And I'm sorry to hear of your best friend's father, that's so sad. Prayers being sent your way :) And on a more positive note..that little leaf is sweeeet!! What a precious little face it has!! I LOVE it!!! :)