Thursday, July 23, 2009

My own bear!

I did it... I drew up my own pattern, sewed it together and created my own little bear.

I understand I still have a long way to go... there are so many things that need perfecting... but I have to admit, I'm stupidly excited.

This little girl was finished July 22nd and her name is Toffee:

She has cotter pin joints, pellet and stuffing insides, is made from an old coat I bought at a garage sale, and is shaded with Prismacolor pens. Her eyes are just plastic (haven't bought the glass ones yet) and I needle felted her nose. I wanted to give her needle felted paw pads, but ended up feeling that she wasn't quite the right kind of bear for that... maybe the next one!

I also wanted to give her a wire armature... but I swear, trying to find an employee in Home Depot is like trying to find a Unicorn at an orgy...

Her dress is lame, I apologize :)


  1. Great job on your first bear!

  2. Now this is one hell of cute bear! Keep 'em coming Heather, I love the wide head and large ears you have given Toffee.

  3. Thanks guys!
    My next bear is just from a pattern I didn't do myself... but I already had it cut out... the next one after that though, will be another experiment by me, eeek.