Friday, July 24, 2009

Another bear

This is actually made from the same pattern I used for the first bear I posted here, the jennylovesbenny pattern... diverse, huh?!

I had already cut this bear out before I had decided to try my hand at my own patterns... so I felt I couldn't let all the little pieces go to waste!

He's a really cute, cuddly little bugger!

I really loved working with fur... but, it didn't allow me to do the needle felting I had planned on doing for his nose, so, last minute he got a stitched nose, once I realized there was no way the needle felting was ever going to take.

It made me sad, but I'll make another white bear with my own pattern from a material that will allow needle felting... and it will be awesome :P

His name is Fluff... after that delicious, spreadable, marshmallow concoction. MMMMmmmMMMmmMMMmmm.

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