Friday, July 22, 2011

Sometimes things just turn out weird...

Like pictures of your pets:

I am working on some new things, which will be posted... soonish... lol!


  1. Well, you know there are some that are used to the camera and some that you have to train :-) Just wish that I could include photo's with comments :-) I have a beautifully created cartoon :-) of my favorite dog :-) Created by yours truely :-) x x x
    I haven't forgotten the pass it on by the way.... you might have, but not me :-) Still in progress as I have to make at least three things to pass on :-) finding it very hard at the moment, one thing only on my mind... snoring :-) I know you will understand XXXX
    :-) x x x x

  2. I haven't forgotten! I wanted to send a bit of Michigan along, but I need to wait until it was available to me!! :X