Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Bears

Ok, this first bear is made from my own pattern... sorry these aren't the world's best pictures of them... I just snapped a few with my phone.

This one is a little panda. I hand dyed the ears and limbs pink.
I also tried some new techniques on him. He has glass beads in his limbs and belly, and I love the way they make him feel, and how they let him stand. I also tried a new method of making his nose, and I think it turned out really well. It's the best nose I've made yet. I think with a few more practicing tries, I'll have it down.

His joints are all cotter pins.... I got a fancy new cotter pin turner and that has made using cotter pins so much easier. I can't believe I didn't buy one of those right away.

I also bought a stuffing tool that has made things so much easier. Seriously... what was I thinking?

This second bear is made from a pattern I purchased from Gotta Share This by Vivianne ... her Percy pattern, which can be found on her etsy site.

It's a lot cuter than mine is... and it's taught me a lot about how I need to go about refining my own pattern. I also used glass eyes on this bear... which was actually kind of scary!
Time to start refining my own patterns so that they don't look so silly anymore.


  1. They never look silly. Everyone's bears are different. Although have to say these both look rather huggable little guys.
    Most skills come by trial and error, ask anyone who has ever made more than one ted.
    I like 'em :-) :-) x x x

  2. Aww, no offence to Vivanne, but I think yours is cuter, I love that wee face!



    PS, the post office still appears to be holding out on me :o(

  3. Thanks guys!

    My pattern still needs a lot of refining XD

    Katy... if it doesn't get there by the end of the week, shoot me an email and I'll send out another one... because I want to open mine!!! LOL! (but I refuse to do it until you get yours)

  4. Heather,

    For some reason your little bear looks oddly familiar - maybe it's the resemblance to other things of yours I have seen. Definitely your touch in a good way of course. Anyway, I am impressed with your first bear - way better than mine! Go girl!

    Have fun and I will await to see what springs forth from your creative mind next.


  5. Thanks Ginger XD
    Yeah, I made three little bears in pink, green and blue from this pattern and they all look a bit similar. I would have put glass eyes in this guy, but I had already put the safety eyes in... doh!

    I'm hoping to refine the pattern and start defining a look for my bears XD