Friday, December 17, 2010

Whoa... MAGIC BEANS!!!

Here is a picture of my coffee cup from McDonalds this morning. 


Ohmygodohmygodohmygod... *hops around excitedly* 


... and they sold them to me for $2... I didn't even need a cow!!!!

(ok... I really do have two new bears in the works, one my own design, one a pattern I bought... which will appear in the near, rather than far future... but this cup totally cracked me up)


  1. Well, my my! Who knew? Now I have to go put on my boots, my hat, my heavy coat and go to MickeyD's and buy coffee which I don't drink - all because it's got magic beans! And I wouldn't mind some magic beans. Or the magic from them. I'd love to have my own plant with magic beans but I'm terrible with plants and I'd hate to think how that would turn out. All in all it's a cool cup. Do you feel differently now?


  2. What a tragedy - those magic beans should have been planted, they were not meant to be brewed with hot water... aaaaaaarrrrghhhh!!! ;O)

    Thank you for this good laugh on a very frosty and snowy friday. Hope to see the two new bears soon.


  3. Damn, I hate coffee, and anyway, knowing our luck HMRC would have refused to let Mickey D's import them!

  4. Well, guys.... I'm sorry to report... I am not the size of a beanstalk... giant or otherwise.

    No green leaves, no tasty beans... nothing, nada, zip, zilch.