Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Panda in the road...

I was driving down the street this morning, on a very busy road in town... heading to work and feeling overall just a little groggy... when all of a sudden a panda appeared in the road before me!

I certainly couldn't leave him there... they're endangered, after all... and what kind of monster would that make me.

So, at the intersection of one of the busiest streets in town, I hopped out of my car, snatched up the panda and dove back in to my vehicle, all safely before the light changed!

He's a little worse for wear... but here's the little guy, all safe and sound, roaming about his new home, my desk.


  1. That's funny Heather! We actually have 2 pandas on loan from China here in Adelaide Zoo for 10 years I think. Still waiting for the buzz to die down a bit and avoid the queues to go and see Funi and Wang Wang.

    I love your fruit bat - he's hilarious!! Jill x

  2. GOOD RESCUE...... panda's are my number one.
    NAME ?
    Is he desk trained ?
    Have you feed him ?
    Does he like cookies ?
    Has he had a bath ?
    What is his fav colour and do you have a big enough garden to keep him happy ?
    :-) x x x

  3. Jill... I remember when Toledo used to be housing 2 pandas, my Grandparents MADE us go see them... I'm so glad I did!!!

    and hmmm...
    Name: Okemos
    Desk Trained: So far... yes...
    Have I fed Him? Yes! Bamboo plant on the desk is meant for grazing!! Just enough for 1 panda!
    Does he like cookies? I'm not sure, he likes peanut butter cups though!
    Has he had a bath? Nope, I was just thinking of cleaning him up a little!
    What is his favorite color and do I have a garden big enough?
    Favorite color seems to be yellow... he keeps hanging out with Coraline and her yellow slicker... and garden? No... I must get more bamboo for my desk!

  4. hehe thats so cute, well done for saving him :D